Super Soap Weekend 2008 at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios is over and I have LOTS to report.
And because was the last year for the uber-popular event, there was certainly a lot of sadness by fans, but also a feeling that everyone wanted to get the most out of it.
Since we packed so much SSW in two days, I can’t stay awake long enough to really do justice to all the good info, gossip and spoilers that we gathered.
So here’s what I’m gonna do.
Give you just a teaser….
You know, a few tidbits and morsels to bring you back in the next few days to read some more interviews with the stars.
Disney/ABC hosted a wonderful media breakfast each day, where members of the press questioned the soap stars in a red carpet-style format.
We got up-close-and-personal with 20 of the 32 stars, so we have lots to report – and photos too!
And we got more low down by attending some of the talk shows.
But we’re spreading things out through the week, so stay tuned.
But, for now, here’s a few tidbits.
Laura Wright (Carly/GH) was looking forward to taking her daughter on the Rock-n-Roller Coaster and Soarin’ during their Disney stay.
Laura loves the “passion” of Carly and how “her pendulum swings so drastically.”
Out of all her leading men, who’s the best kisser?
Ingo Rademacher (Jax).
You know Melissa Claire Egan who plays Annie Lavery? She dishs on some upcoming, jaw-dropping stuff.
We will see Annie quickly slipping farther and farther from reality after staging the kidnapping of her daughter, Emma.
When that plan backfires and Annie goes totally off the deep-end.
Annie thinks she’s marrying Ryan again and is at a party in her wedding dress, with lipstick smeared freakishly around her mouth and she’s holding a knife dripping with blood.
I saw previews, and I tell you she was scary looking!
And who did she stab?

Carly Corinthos Jacks is selfish, self-absorbed, irritating and just plain annoying.
I don’t see eye-to-eye about much of anything with General Hospital‘s biggest Diva.
But there is one very important thing to her credit.
She is fiercely loyal to her children and she’ll fight for them against all odds.
That has become clearly apparent over the past couple of weeks – when her son, Michael, lies comatose from a bullet to his brain.
And Carly (Laura Wright) is the only one who believes Michael (Dylan Cash) will come out of it – and back to his normal life.
This despite the fact that the doctors say he will remain in a coma.
They say there’s nothing more they can do.
Carly refuses to accept this.
She keeps telling Michael to come back to her.
Everyone else, including husband Jax, BFF Jason and ex-husband Sonny, are resigned to what they believe is the harsh reality.
But not Carly.
And if it were me, I wouldn’t give up hope either.
You can’t, really.
Not if you really love someone.
And not if it’s your child.
There are medical miracles every day.
How about the woman, just last week, who was shot between the eyes with a 44-caliber bullet?
She never lost consiousness and walked away, virtually unscathed with just stitches.
There are documented cases where people have emerged from comas after several years – in one case 19 years.
So, Carly, I’m with you all the way on this one.