Enough with the Text-Message Killer already!
How long are the General Hospital writers going to drag on this never-ending storyline?
And how many of the characters are they going to cast suspicion on that it’s them?
Let’s do the math.
Although I’m the first to admit that math is not my strong point.
This storyline began with Leticia’s murder back in September.
That’s right. I said September.
It’s now the end of February…..and counting.
How many victims later?
We have Leticia, Emily and Georgie – dead.
Here’s Spinelli finding Georgie’s body.
Then there was Carly, Maxie, Sam and Alexis attacked, but they lived to tell about it.
And how many of the male characters have been made to look like they were the killer?
Let’s see.
There was Anthony Zacharra, Johnny Zacharra, Nikolas, Lucky, Daniel the busboy and Coop.
Actually, Coop is also in the victim category, because he was killed and framed to look like the TMK.
The latest suspect is Logan – and that new doctor, Dr. Devlin. The doc has been looking very suspicious lately.
And there’s always Mr. Craig aka Jerry Jacks aka Mr. Moreau.
Hello! The guy is a sick, freak who masterminded the Metro Court hostage situation, shot Robin, terrorized the hostages and basically killed Alan.
So yeah, he’s on the short list.
Let’s do the math.
We have five months, eight victims, nine or more suspects.
And do we know who it is yet?
That would be a no!
I must admit, when Lulu discovered the mask and the message device in Logan’s apartment – I was convinced it was him at that point.
My guess is that it’s either Daniel the busboy or Dr. Devlin – and I’m leaning towards the good doctor right now.
But it’s already been WAY too long for me.
Let’s hope the next text message is Bye, Bye to the killer.