Would someone just end this horrendous Christian/Vanessa storyline on One Life To Live?
I’m really ticked off that Christian (David Fumero) is, once again, involved with a viper and that his happiness with someone who deserves him – namely Sarah – was thrown away due to said viper.
What kind of garbage was that? Christian marrying Vanessa to keep her in the country when he was supposedly in love with Sarah?
I liked Justis Bolding as Sarah and was sad to see her leave the show.
I have to say that if I were Sarah, I would have done the exact same thing in calling immigration on Vanessa.
I really like Christian.
He is so sweet and nice and he lives to be a knight in shining armor.
But, unfortunately, it hasn’t been working for him in the way of lasting happiness.
In fact, he brings the phrase “unlucky in love” to a whole new level.
And, excuse me…
He was supposed to be “so in love” with Sarah that he waited about 5 seconds after she left town to hop in bed with Vanessa!
Christian and Vanessa.jpg

Lola, Christian and Vanessa
And now it’s looking more like it was actually Vanessa (Jacqueline Hendy) who may have killed Lola’s mother….
Hendy certainly plays a good seductress. No question.
I just wish Vanessa would go away. And bring back Sarah ASAP!
As for Lola (Camila Banus)…..
She’s getting awfully chummy with Markko (Jason Tam), who just so happens to be her cousin’s boyfriend – and that better not be going where I think it’s going.
Four words for Lola: Step away from Markko!