By Michele Dargan

I never thought I’d be saying this ever again, but…..

Didn’t ya just LOVE those scenes today with Maxi and Lucky.

I did!

The thing I can’t believe is that they were talking about that oh-so-nasty chapter in their lives – and, somehow, it was okay.

Actually, it was more than okay.

It was really great to watch and it shows just how far those two characters have come.

For those who weren’t watching GH at the time, let me recap.

The previous chapter that I speak about happened a few years back. When Lucky became hooked on pain pills, Maxie stole pills from General Hospital and supplied them to Lucky so that he would continue to sleep with her. This all happened when Lucky and Elizabeth were married.

As an aside: it was Greg Vaughan portraying Lucky back then. And it is Jonathan Jackson playing Lucky today.

Jonathan Jackson as Lucky Spencer

I thought Maxie (Kirsten Storms) put it pretty well:

“The time we spent together, I feel like we saw the worst in each other. You were high and I was supplying you with drugs so that you would stay high and depend on me.”

Then Maxie offered her friendship, saying she would be there to listen if he needed to talk about things.

I also liked Lucky’s honest moments, confiding in Maxie that he really can’t forgive Elizabeth and he just keeps picturing her together with Nikolas.

Kudos to Jackson and Storms.

Bottom Line: I didn’t think I would NEVER EVER enjoy seeing these two characters in any kind of interaction again.

Just goes to show you – Never say never!

I am officially loving Spixie!
For those of you not up on the lingo – it’s the pairing of Spinelli and Maxie on General Hospital.
The friendship between the always lovable, honest, trustworthy and loyal-to-a-fault Damien Spinelli and Maxie Jones – the formerly Bad Blonde One turned Maxinista – has totally redeemed Maxie’s character for me.
I so enjoy her now and really look forward to her scenes with Spinelli.
I really detested her after her fiascos with Logan (sleeping with him to hurt Lulu) and Lucky (feeding him pills, sleeping with him and breaking up his marriage with Elizabeth).
Not a real flattering picture when you look at her track record, eh?
But since she joined in grief with Spinelli over her sister Georgie’s death and formed a fast and wonderful friendship with someone so opposite from herself, Maxie (Kirsten Storms) really turned her life around for the better.
And she really has her friendship with Spinelli to thank for that.
I just love, love, love Spinelli, who refers to himself in the third person as The Jackal.
He’s my kind of guy.
He’s so much more appealing than say…..Sonny – who women just swoon over and do anything for and forgive him over and over and over every time he cheats on them.
Let’s not even go there.
Getting back to Spinelli, he’s played by the wonderfully, talented Bradford Anderson, who does funny just as easily as he plays serious.
And Storms really shines in her scenes with him.
The two really work off each other beautifully.
And the reason for all of my ramblings are their most recent scenes together – after Maxie was forced to tell the jury – with Spinelli present – about her seducing Logan to get back at Lulu.
Now, he already knew this.
But having to relive one of her less-than-stellar moments in front of Spinelli, whom she respects so much……Maxie was so embarrassed and had such a low opinion of herself that she was going to sever ties with Spinelli for his own good.
Such a selfless act from such a mostly selfish girl.
Storms was so real. So moving.
For the first time in a really long time, I felt for Maxie.
“You’re much too good a person to waste yourself on me,” she said. “What is wrong with you? Why don’t you understand me? People who believe in me always wind up disappointed or hurt and addicted to pain pills or just plain angry and bitter and I need to leave before I do that to you.”
Spinelli answers, “Regardless of your opinion of your own unworthiness, the truth is you have been loyal and compassionate to The Jackal. His spirits have been uplifted by your angelic kindness. You have broadened my horizons and provided insight and advice…..If you think that watching you bravely facing your demons in a court of law could change my high esteem of you, then you don’t know me very well. I have never seen you more brave or more beautiful than you were today.”

Catch that hug at the end of their talk.
Awwwww. How cute is that?

I never thought I would say this…
But I’m really liking Maxie and Spinelli as a pair.
As in a romantic pair.
I really never thought it would work for me.
Mainly for two reasons.
a. because Maxie has been sleazy and slutty and has done some pretty despicable things.
and b. because I absolutely LOVED and anticipated the pairing of Spinelli with Georgie, Maxie’s sister.
Of course they never really got the chance to be together because “Wise Georgie” was killed off the show before that happened.
Don’t get me started on that subject…..grrrrr.
Because all of the above reasons – coupled with the fact that I absolutely adore Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) and think he deserves the most loyal, wonderful love interest in the whole world – I held out little hope for my acceptance of Spixie.
However, when Maxie (Kirsten Storms) began working for Fashionista Kate Howard (Megan Ward) a metamorphosis slowly occurred.
Maxie turned from a scheming, slutty vamp into a confident, reliable, serious, hard-working young woman.
She has done a 180 right down to her clothes, which are now very classy as opposed to very slutty.
In Spinelli speak, Maxie went from being “The Bad Blonde One” to “Maxinista.”
It’s taken this long for me to actually think that I can accept this pairing – and now I love them together.
Who woulda thought?
And I know where the turning point came for me.
It was during these scenes.

Don’t you agree?
Aren’t they cute?