Calling all ABC soap fans!
Super Soap Weekend 2008 is set for Nov. 15 and 16 at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM) in Orlando, FL.
Yessiree, mark the dates on your calendar.
The list of attending soap stars is not out yet.
Last year, the final list didn’t get finalized until October, if I remember correctly….but some of the names trickle in beginning in August or September as some of the stars post their upcoming appearance on their websites.
Just think, you can get thisclose to your fave ABC soap star.
I did!
Me with Michael E.Knight (Tad) from All My ChildrenSuper Soap 2007 058.JPG
Do you believe there’s a fence separating us?
Well, there is.
You see, I couldn’t get a fast pass to see Michael E. Knight one-on-one.
His passes were gone by the time I reached the beginning of the AMC fast-pass line in the morning.
He is so popular, because he really makes the fan experience fun.
Do I look like I’m having fun, or what?
So anyway, I waited outside the railing where he was signing autographs and taking photos, because I knew from the previous year that he comes to the railing after he has met all of his fast-pass holders.
And he did!
I asked for a photo and he pulled me close, grabbed my camera, held it out in front of us – and wha-la – an amazing photo!
Michael E. Knight is truly a fan favorite because he goes above and beyond for his fans.
And he’s not the only one I met.
Because if you’re quick on your feet and get up at the crack of dawn, you can meet more than one by pulling more than one fast-pass.
Plus, there’s a whole slew of panel discussions and interactive activities involving the fans and the soap stars.
Keep an eye here at Soapbox, because Kara and I will be updating SSW 2008 news as it becomes available.
If you’ve never gone to this fun-filled weekend, it’s a must for ABC soap fans.
And if you’re an ABC soap fan, Hollywood Studios Disney World is truly the most magical place on earth that weekend.