Sometimes I long for the good old days of soap watching.
Remember those?
When you could go home, turn on the TV and be surprised about what happens next on a soap opera because there were no spoilers everywhere you look on the Internet?
That’s because there was no Internet.
Of course, that means you wouldn’t be here reading my ramblings, er, I mean, my astute assessment of the soaps.
But I digress…
Has the Internet helped or hurt soap watching?
I ask this because it’s obvious that it’s helped in many ways…
You can find where your favorite actor is appearing and you can dialog with other soap fans about your faves.
It’s created a whole network of soap fans who are able to connect with each other at just a keyboard’s touch.
And many times, that’s a good thing.
But I really get frustrated when I read a blog or message board…
And there in plain sight…
With no warning…
Someone spills an upcoming spoiler about a character dying.
The other thing that I’m really hating lately is the negativity on soap-related message boards.
Have you ever looked at them?
There is a constant barrage of verbal attacks – and, I mean, attacks.
There are posters who repeatedly bash the actors, characters, couples and other posters.
My thing is that I watch soaps as an escape from reality….I’m not going to waste my energy arguing on some message board about a fictitious character who I’m trying to defend.
It ain’t happening.
These posters come up with the nastiest nicknames for the characters they don’t like.
And, NO, I’m not gonna repeat them!
I am so-o-o tired of character bashing, actor bashing, couples bashing and poster bashing.
Sometimes I wonder – with all the negativity being bandied about – why do these people even watch the soaps if they hate everything about them?