Is it just me…
Or is the airborne bio toxin crisis that has been unleashed on General Hospital just not as interesting as past GH crises like the Metro Court and the Bacchanalia Ball?
The Metro Court had me riveted from the jump and I couldn’t wait to come home each day and see what happens next.
It was SO good that GH was the first soap that I turned on each day….usually it’s One Life To Live that takes priority.
And the Bacchanalia – same thing.
But I’m just not that into the latest crisis to beset General Hospital.
I think part of it is that most of the storylines leading up to the crisis just weren’t that interesting.
The worst as far as I’m concerned: Robin and her post-partum depression storyline – hate it!
Not to mention the fact that you can’t tell me that with her husband being a doctor and her best-friend being a nurse and with all the other medical professionals around her – no one could tell she was having post partum depression???
And I think the worst is yet to come judging from the previews. I just hope the baby doesn’t die. That would go from bad to worse, in my opinion.
But I don’t read spoilers. So I really don’t know.
And all the mob stuff going on before and during the crisis? A big – WHO CARES!
The only thing that I do know is that I come home from work now and watch One Life To Live first.
As for GH – I’m just not that into it.

Did you catch those scenes Wednesday on General Hospital with Diane/Max and Alexis/Jerry at the Metro Court?
I tell you, anytime Diane and Alexis are together lately, they never fail to make me laugh.
I can’t help it.
It happens before I even realize it.
I’m sitting there watching their scenes and I hear myself laughing.
Take Wednesday.
Prim and proper super-lawyer Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) sits at the Metro Court bar and sometimes evil but super-charming Jerry Jacks getsthisclosetokissingher, when BFF and fellow super-lawyer Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) pops up from behind the bar and screams “Now who has an embarrassing attachment to a bad boy?”
You see, Alexis has been trying to dissuade Diane from dating Max Giambatti, the mob bodyguard with a heart of gold.
I just love Derk Cheetwood as Max. Always have.
And when he is paired with Hennesy, the two are just hysterical.
Meanwhile, Alexis is incredibly attracted to Jerry (Sebastian Roche)…..You know, the one who masterminded and terrorized the hostages in the Metro Court crisis under the identity of Mr. Craig.
After Diane breaks up the kiss between Alexis and Jerry – a few minutes later Diane and Max are smooching at a nearby table…..So Alexis marches over to Diane and tells her that she’s making a spectacle of herself.
And from there, the two get into a spirited discussion of who is with the baddest bad boy.
Diane launches into a diatribe about how she and Max were discussing baseball – to which Alexis retorts that Diane’s mind has turned to mush.
Never to be outdone, Diane lashed out with perhaps the best line of the day.
“Well at least I’m not choking on my own hypocrisy! How dare you come over and criticize my relationship with Max when you’re sitting over there canoodling with Mr. Craig, the Metro Court Hostage Taker!”
Here’s the video. Check it out for yourself.