By Michele Dargan

All I can say is – Thank Goodness Luke is back!

Luke BEE-lieves Ethan and is fighting for him!

Ethan (Nathan Parsons) and Luke (Tony Geary). (ABC/Greg Zabilski)

Loved, Loved, LOVED the Luke/Sonny scenes!!!!!

Tony Geary as Luke and Maurice Benard as Sonny ignited the TV screens. The intensity between them was explosive and I couldn’t take my eyes off the TV – or even blink – while the two friends verbally fought for their respective children.

Now, in general, I’m not a huge Luke OR Sonny fan (dodging rotten tomatoes as I say this)….But, to be honest, they’re not my personal favorite GH characters.

Let me say that I think both actors are incredible!

But I’m talking about the characters here, not the actors.

I like Luke. I do. He’s just not on all that much anymore. And I do love his scenes with Tracy. They’re always entertaining, for sure.

But Sonny….well, he’s another story.

I hate his temper. I hate what he does and I hate what he stands for…Helloooo, The MOB! He kills people and orders hits on people and there’s so much more that I detest about his character.

Maurice Benard as Sonny (ABC/Greg Zabilski)

Shooting an unarmed cop in the chest point-blank kind of says it all.

I know, I know…. He wouldn’t have shot Dante if he knew he was his son….Exactly HOW many times did he say that line? Like that justifies it!

I guess I really never got the appeal….how he reels ALL those women in with just a flash of his smile and those dimples – despite all the really bad things that he does. I just don’t get it!

But I have to admit, ya gotta love the drama that surrounds Sonny.

How about all that glassware flying on Friday?

One thing about GH these days, I can’t WAIT to watch it!

How about seeing Lindze Letherman return Friday as Georgie? I Love Georgie!
I’m still mad that they killed her off…one of the only truely good characters on that show! She had so much potential, but TPTB felt the need to kill her! Grrrrr.

Be that as it may, I hope we see more of Georgie on Monday. I’ve always liked the dynamic between Letherman and Kirsten Storms as Maxie.

I’m also really looking forward to the Luke/Kristina scenes.

When last we left GH on Friday, Luke had just told Kristina that she needed to tell the truth and that they BOTH knew Ethan didn’t beat her up.

Lexi Ainsworth has been A-mazing as Kristina throughout this teen dating abuse storyline.

But it sure is time for the right person to be ID’d as her abuser – and that’s Kiefer!

Does it strike anyone as odd that Carly and Michael are the only two people who realize that it’s Kiefer and not Ethan who beat Kristina?

Michael (Drew Garrett) and Carly (Laura Wright) (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

I just wondered why no one else even brought up Kiefer’s name as a possibility, considering she dumped him that night to be with Ethan.

And can anyone tell me WHY they’re replacing Drew Garrett as Michael?

Chad Duell is slated to take over the role with his first appearance on April 20.

Chad Duell as Michael (ABC/Chris Chavira)

Garrett has been so good in the role since taking it over as the SORASED Michael emerged from a one year coma. He has given some really strong performances in showing Michael’s struggle to fit in and be normal, despite his inner turmoil.

And he seemed to have a really good rapport with all the other actors.

So I really don’t get the change.

One thing’s for sure….

Today promises to be some good GH watching.

I have to say, I just can’t get into Michael Corinthos III waking up on General Hospital.
It’s because Michael – the Michael who we have seen on our TV screens for years growing up before our eyes – is now magically tranformed into a bigger, much older and totally different Michael.
TPTB fired the loveable, kid that we watched for years – Dylan Cash – and hired an older version.
It’s called SORAS (Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome) and is done on a lot of soaps.
But, in some cases, it just doesn’t work.
And, in this case, I’m not feeling it.
Dylan Cash was 13 when he got the axe, not that far from the age that this Michael is supposed to be – somewhere in his teenage years.
So when I see Carly (Laura Wright) crying through a soliloquy over the comatose new Michael, I don’t feel sad like I would if it were Dylan Cash lying in that bed.
I don’t feel anything.


Dylan Cash
So WHY couldn’t they just use Cash, someone who we all watched grow up onscreen since the time he was 7 years old.
I think it makes everything so much more credible and makes the audience so much more invested in having a young actor/actress stay in the role that they originated.
Cases in point: Kristin Alderson and Eddie Alderson on OLTL and Kimberly McCullough on GH.
Nu-Michael is newcomer Drew Garrett.


Drew Garrett
I don’t have anything against this young actor, don’t get me wrong.
He probably is a very good, capable actor.
But, for me, he’s just not Michael.
He’s not the kid who I watched grow up before my eyes and became attached to over the years.

I was really relating to Carly for just about the first time ever on General Hospital.
She fought for Michael when everyone else had given up on him.
Everyone else just accepted that he wasn’t going to come out of the coma.
Not Carly.
She was THE mother bear fighting for her son, never giving up…I loved that about her.
I felt for her.
Because that would be me….Never giving up.
The other good thing that came out of this storyline was the fact that Carly admitted how selfish she was and that she never should have been with mob boss Sonny because that put Michael at risk.
I’m telling you, Laura Wright as Carly deserves an Emmy next year for her strong performances throughout this storyline.
Sonny and Jason also came to their separate ephiphanies about their role in Michael’s shooting, which was a big ABOUT TIME!
But at the end of Friday’s episode, I was let down.
Let down by Carly.
She and Sonny kissed.
She is going to revert to her old ways.
She is going to give in and sleep with Sonny again.
Here’s where Carly and I part ways again.
She was being so strong.
And now this.