By Joshua

Steamboat: Most Loved Soap.
“Today’s Episode of Steamboat is Brought To You By Lactene for milky hair. It’s Not Silky, It’s Milky, With Lactene.”

This is the phrase that ends episode one and begins every episode thereafter of the most talked about, new online soap “Steamboat”, which was created by Michael O’Leary (ex-Rick Bauer, GL) with help from Scott Bryce (ex-Craig Montgomery, ATWT and ex-Dr. Crosby, OLTL).

It’s described as a medium between All My Children and The Office, and it is great.

The show is about the behind-the-scenes of a failing soap called “Steamboat.”

It features popular soap actors like Kim Zimmer (ex-Reva Lewis, GL; Rhonda), Justin Deas (ex-Buzz Cooper, GL; Scott), Orlagh Cassidy (ex-Doris Wolfe, GL; Gwen), Michael Park (Jack Snyder, ATWT; Dirk), newcomer Jacquelina DeMarco (Candy), Kurt McKinney (ex-Matt Reardon, GL; Ellis, ATWT; Daniel), Beth Chamberlin (ex-Beth Spaulding, GL; Tabitha), and Michael O’Leary (Michael).

With this stellar cast, no wonder “Steamboat” has many fans and followers.

They already have five episodes online, but don’t fret – they’re only a few minutes each. It won’t take long to catch up.

We have everyone who is trying to get their Emmy, mixed in with the show failing miserably. This satirical web series is available on YouTube, and has finished taping the first season.

I don’t watch the other web series that are out there. Not because I don’t like the actors and actresses, or anything, but I just don’t get the appeal.

But “Steamboat” isn’t like the others.

It’s comedic, featuring great writing and great delivery by a top notch cast.

Take a look at episode one.

It’s a very entertaining series end everyone who loves soaps should watch it.

And remamber: It’s not silky, it’s milky. With Lactene.

By Joshua

There is a romance brewing, and it’s a doozy.

Janet (Julie Pinson) and Dusty (Grayson McCouch) on ATWT were never in the same circle.

I don’t think they ever had a scene together until her sister Teri (Vanessa Ray) hit town and began working for him. But they are the kind of slow, burning romance that soaps are known for.

Julie Pinson, who plays Janet, used to be on Days of Our Lives as Billie Reed and on Port Charles as Eve Lambert. She was no beginner to the soap game when she went to ATWT.

Janet was immediately involved with Brad (Austin Peck), Katie (Terri Columbino), Liberty (Meredith Hagner) and Jack (Michael Park). Now, she is married to Jack and she is growing closer to Dusty.

Grayson McCouch, who plays Dusty, also has a long daytime career. He played Dr. Morgan Winthrop on Another World.

Since being on ATWT, Dusty has had a few good relationships, such as Lucy (Peyton List), and Jennifer (Jennifer Ferrin). But recently, he has gone from Lily (then-Martha Byrne) to Meg (Marie Wilson) and to Bonnie (Chaunteé Schuler). He’s even had a flirtation (including a few kisses) with Teri.

But now, it looks like Dusty and Janet are going to go the distance, or at least until ATWT ends its run.

Janet’s daughter, Liberty, has leukemia, and Dusty is helping out with his big bucks and by being there for Janet.

When Jack and Carly (Maura West) were chasing each other around America in Novermber after he shot Brad, Janet and Dusty grew close. The duo consummated their budding relationship while Jack was stuck with Carly and Craig (Jon Lindstrom) in a snowstorm on New Year’s Eve.

They have been cute together, and their relationship is going to take another large turn.

On Friday’s “Next Week on As the World Turns”, Dusty got down on his knee and proposed to a married Janet. Meanwhile, Carly had just told Jack that Janet and Dusty are having an affair.

This week will be a major turning point, as Janet and Dusty deal with their relationship, Janet and Jack deal with their marriage, and Carly and Jack deal with THEIR attraction to each other, that they have acknowledged many times.

Here’s a clip from Tuesday’s show

What will happen with Jack and Janet….with Jack and Carly….and with Dusty and Janet?

You have to tune in, to see that world turn.