Monica’s Back!
As in, Monica Quartermaine.
It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Monica (Leslie Charlson) on the General Hospital scene.
Monica, after all, is in rehab.
I believe the last time we saw Monica was when Jason (Steve Burton) went to tell her that Michael had been shot back in April.
Now Jason goes to tell his mother that he is taking over as head of the mob from Sonny.
As usual, Monica doesn’t hold back and tells Jason exactly what she thinks.
She also figures out why Jason agreed to take over as mob boss – in exchange for Sonny signing over all his paternal rights to Carly so that the boys will be safe.

I have watched Leslie Charleson as Monica since she came to Port Charles in 1977….back in those days Monica was a bit more devious – and scandalous!
One of my favorite Monica moments was when she went to a spa and slept with a much-younger worker – which later turned out to be Alan’s nephew, Ned Ashton.
Monica is one of my all-time favorite GH characters and Leslie Charleson is always wonderful onscreen.
I used to watch her back in the day on “Love Is A Many Splendored Thing” and loved her on that soap. Does anyone remember that one? It went off the air in the early 70’s.
I was glad to see when Leslie joined GH and am glad that she is still there, although she could use a lot more screentime in my opinion.
And, if you don’t already know it, Leslie is a horse person – something she and I have in common. Leslie rides and shows in the equestrian discipline of dressage.
She shows her horse, Romero, in California, according to photos on her website – but maybe some winter she’ll venture east to our winter circuit here in Wellington, Fl. It’s a must stop for all the top riders in the world and I happen to cover it.
Something to think about Leslie.
But for now….
It’s so good to see Monica back.

Carly Corinthos Jacks is selfish, self-absorbed, irritating and just plain annoying.
I don’t see eye-to-eye about much of anything with General Hospital‘s biggest Diva.
But there is one very important thing to her credit.
She is fiercely loyal to her children and she’ll fight for them against all odds.
That has become clearly apparent over the past couple of weeks – when her son, Michael, lies comatose from a bullet to his brain.
And Carly (Laura Wright) is the only one who believes Michael (Dylan Cash) will come out of it – and back to his normal life.
This despite the fact that the doctors say he will remain in a coma.
They say there’s nothing more they can do.
Carly refuses to accept this.
She keeps telling Michael to come back to her.
Everyone else, including husband Jax, BFF Jason and ex-husband Sonny, are resigned to what they believe is the harsh reality.
But not Carly.
And if it were me, I wouldn’t give up hope either.
You can’t, really.
Not if you really love someone.
And not if it’s your child.
There are medical miracles every day.
How about the woman, just last week, who was shot between the eyes with a 44-caliber bullet?
She never lost consiousness and walked away, virtually unscathed with just stitches.
There are documented cases where people have emerged from comas after several years – in one case 19 years.
So, Carly, I’m with you all the way on this one.

I canNOT believe General Hospital has fired little Michael!
Dylan Cash, who entered Port Charles in the role of Michael Corinthos III when he was 7 years old in 2002, has been let go.
Apparently, GH plans to keep him in the coma for awhile and when he wakes up – he’ll be several years older AND another actor.
I just have one question.
What’s the point?
We’ve all watched Dylan grow up on GH from a little kid into a young man and a wonderful actor.
I, for one, am invested in Dylan as Michael and to switch him for another actor just to make him older doesn’t make sense to me.
There are enough older teens on GH now.
After all these years, I will find it hard to accept that all of sudden…Whalla! Michael’s 20!
It’s not so bad when they SORAS (Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome) a child actor who has only been in the role for a short time.
But really, Dylan has been Michael for as long as I can remember.
It’s bad enough that GH killed off Emily (Natalia Livingston) and Georgie (Lindze Letherman).
Excuse me. I’m still livid about those killings.
Now, in essence, they’re killing off the Michael that we’ve all come to know and love.
According to several fan sites, Dylan was blindsided by the firing.
I find it all very sad.