Did you catch the General Hospital episode right before Christmas with Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) pinch hitting for Santa and Maxie (Kirsten Storms) helping out as his elf?
I just loved that episode so much.
It was so much fun and so heartwarming – and who doesn’t just love that combination?
And it made me smile.
For that alone – and with the absence of all the violence and mob doings on GH – I am happy.

I couldn’t help but chuckle every times those jingle bells jingled and Spinelli’s eyes rolled around….the look on his face and on Maxi’s face was priceless.
I have to say, I was one who never thought this pairing would work, but I absolutely love them together. Their chemistry is so much fun and they really play off each other so well that I can’t help but smile everytime they’re on the screen.
It even made watching Robin tolerable, because lately I’ve been fast forwarding through most of her scenes.
And that’s sad to me, because I’ve always like Robin, but lately with all the baby nonsense – Fast Forward!
Even the cookie scene with Robin made me smile. Particularly when she ate the cookie and realized that it was her grandmother’s recipe. It was just a nice feelgood scene.

The episode also brought tears to my eyes, particularly when Monica (Leslie Charleson) received the glasses that allowed her to see Alan (Stuart Damon).
How wonderful was that?

And, of course, Max and Diane….Any episode with the two of them is just plain fun!
Carolyn Hennesy and Derk Cheetwood are a joy to watch. Those two never fail to make me smile.

If you haven’t seen the episode, watch the clips above and you’re in for a treat.
And for that one, wonderful episode I have to say, thank you GH for getting me into the Christmas spirit.

Monica’s Back!
As in, Monica Quartermaine.
It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Monica (Leslie Charlson) on the General Hospital scene.
Monica, after all, is in rehab.
I believe the last time we saw Monica was when Jason (Steve Burton) went to tell her that Michael had been shot back in April.
Now Jason goes to tell his mother that he is taking over as head of the mob from Sonny.
As usual, Monica doesn’t hold back and tells Jason exactly what she thinks.
She also figures out why Jason agreed to take over as mob boss – in exchange for Sonny signing over all his paternal rights to Carly so that the boys will be safe.

I have watched Leslie Charleson as Monica since she came to Port Charles in 1977….back in those days Monica was a bit more devious – and scandalous!
One of my favorite Monica moments was when she went to a spa and slept with a much-younger worker – which later turned out to be Alan’s nephew, Ned Ashton.
Monica is one of my all-time favorite GH characters and Leslie Charleson is always wonderful onscreen.
I used to watch her back in the day on “Love Is A Many Splendored Thing” and loved her on that soap. Does anyone remember that one? It went off the air in the early 70’s.
I was glad to see when Leslie joined GH and am glad that she is still there, although she could use a lot more screentime in my opinion.
And, if you don’t already know it, Leslie is a horse person – something she and I have in common. Leslie rides and shows in the equestrian discipline of dressage.
She shows her horse, Romero, in California, according to photos on her website – but maybe some winter she’ll venture east to our winter circuit here in Wellington, Fl. It’s a must stop for all the top riders in the world and I happen to cover it.
Something to think about Leslie.
But for now….
It’s so good to see Monica back.

It’s Monica!
We finally find out that it’s Dr. Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson) who drove drunk, ran down Sam McCall and left her for dead on General Hospital.
In the beginning, Carly, Nikolas, Elizabeth and Monica were all suspects.
But as the weeks wore on, it came down to the final two – Elizabeth and Monica.
And just as Elizabeth is getting ready to go to the police station and confess, Spinelli gets the goods on Monica and tells Jason it’s his mother.
You see, Elizabeth was so tired on the night in question that she fell asleep at the wheel and hit something, but just didn’t know what and she doesn’t remember hitting Sam.
I know it’s easy for me to say this now…but I always figured it was Monica.
Elizabeth would have been too obvious – because of the animosity between her and Sam.
But with Monica…how else was her drinking problem going to come to the forefront?
Just before Jason got the confirmation, Lucky had figured out that Monica had a problem.
monica and lucky.jpg
In fact, Lucky approached Monica outside General Hospital and tells her she needs to get help.
But Monica thinks Lucky is blackmailing her at the behest of Tracy and Luke!
Alice drives Monica home from the hospital and asks her if she wants some tea.
When Alice leaves the room, Monica pours herself a drink.
Just as she’s taking her first swig, Jason walks through the door and says, “You’re the one who hit Sam.”
According to a letter by Leslie Charleson posted on her official site, there are good things in store acting-wise for Leslie, but not for Monica.
So I ask…
What’s going to happen next?
Will Monica confess to hitting Sam?
Will Monica go into rehab – or to jail?
(Photos courtesy of Clarissa’s General Hospital Screencaps)