By Michele

There were so many people speaking the truth about Sonny Tuesday, my head was spinning….in a good way!

Maurice Benard as Sonny ABC/Adam Larkey

Lulu is two-for-two on telling it like it is and giving some serious whoop-ass in the past two weeks.

She really let loose on Elizabeth and Nikolas two weeks ago, after finding out they were sleeping around together behind Lucky’s back. She gave a particularly stinging tongue-lashing to Liz (with the whole world cheering).

On Tuesday’s eppy, Julie Marie Berman, once again, gave an incredibly strong performance – first unleashing on Jason and then turning her full vengeance on Sonny.

It was so great to hear Lulu threatening Jason!

Lulu told Jason that if Dominic Pirelli aka Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) was dead, then she was going to the police and tell them everything she knew about the Corinthos organization.

“If Dominic is dead, I hope you and Sonny burn in hell!” Lulu told Jason.

Then, when Lulu got to the hosptal, she went after Sonny, calling him a “bastard,” “a rotten pig” and telling him that she hopes he rots in hell!

And in the out-of-the-mouths-of-babes department….how about Christina and Morgan??

Did they speak the truth or what?

Christina (Lexi Ainsworth) said that Sonny (Maurice Benard) ruins everything and they can’t even enjoy a christening without something bad happening.

She then proceeds to inform them that Sonny shot a cop – murder with special circumstances.

“I hope dad goes to prison for life,” she said.

Morgan (Aaron Refvem) agreed with his sister and felt only concern for Dominic.

“If dad did it, he’s like a murderer,” Morgan said. “Dad’s a criminal. Dominic was probably trying to arrest him. That’s what cops do. They’re the good guys.”

The good guys!

Which is quite different than a mobster.

I’m just glad that Morgan wasn’t poisoned by Michael and that he was able to stand by what he believes is right.

And then there was Johnny (Brandon Barash). I loved his conversation with Maxie….more truths.

“Poor Sonny,” Johnny said. “The man shoots a cop and finds out it’s his son. It must wreck his whole night, right?…Let me tell you about awful. Sonny standing in the hallway outside Dante’s room wringing his wrists, hands to the forehead. Poor Sonny. It’s all about Sonny’s pain. What about Olivia? And what about Lulu? She loves Dante. So why should they be forced to deal with the man who shot him?’

Bravo, Johnny! Key words: it’s all about Sonny.

Would somebody tell me why – after Sonny shoots Dante – he still has the right to yell at Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) and blame her for this?

Um….Sonny. WHO pulled the trigger?

That’s so typical of Sonny, never taking responsibility for his actions.

And talk about cayonnes…

How about Sonny threatening Steven Webber before he goes into critical surgery to operate on Dante?

“If my son dies, I got nothing to lose by making you pay,” Sonny said.

Now THAT takes some big ones!

If Dante dies, it’s no one’s fault but Sonny’s.

But the icing on the cake was at the end, when Detective Ronnie Dimestico (Ronnie Marmo) comes into the hospital to arrest Sonny. Sonny tells Ronnie he’s not going anywhere!

Really??? Because you just shot a cop in cold blood.

Ronnie tells Sonny: “Now you want sympathy from me? Special treatment? Is that what you’re looking for? After you shot Dante and put him in the O.R.? I am FRESH out of mercy for you Sonny!”

Yeah, Ronnie! My thoughts exactly.

By Michele

Once again, General Hospital Deee-Livered in a big way with the eppy’s last week leading up to the Sonny/Dante confrontation.

Not to mention the oh-so-great Cliffhanger Friday: the actual showdown with Sonny shooting Dante and Olivia running in at the end and telling Sonny that he just shot his own son!

The Sonny/Dante Showdown!

Truely the very definition of cliffhanger.

When I come home from work each day and immediately tune to GH first instead of OLTL first…..let’s just say GH has to be pretty darn good for that to happen.

And it’s happened every day for the past two weeks and still counting!

I’m having my issues with OLTL right now. But let’s save that for another day, shall we?

On GH, first we had the Lucky/Liz/Nik reveal followed immediately by the Dante reveal!

And all of it was – and is – so worth it!

Let me say up front that Dominic Zamprogna as Dominic Pirelli aka Dante Falconeri captured my attention from Hello!

And he has just gotten stronger and stronger with his range of emotions, his genuiness and his onscreen chemistry with every character he interacts with.

I can’t say enough about how much I enjoy his portrayal of Dominic/Dante – two characters on opposite sides of the law and making you believe in both.

His confrontation with Sonny was the pièce de résistance!

Even his relationship with the tangential characters in the storyline are amazing!

I just love the close friendship he’s developed with Morgan (Aaron Refvem), who Dante will find out today is really his brother!

I’ve also liked the Brooklyn undercover cop thing between Dante and Ronnie (Ronnie Marmo) and the interactions those two have together…as well as the scenes (earlier on) with Olivia trying to get Ronnie to take Dante off the case.

Which brings me to Lisa LoCicero as Olivia Falconeri.

I have absolutely loved LoCicero’s portrayal of Olivia from day one!

Lisa LoCicero (Olivia Falconeri/GH)

She is another one who is very genuine in exuding her emotions….I am always able to feel exactly what she’s feeling as Olivia. She’s a very natural actress.

Agree or disagree with the decisions that Olivia’s made, LoCicero makes you believe and understand those decisions.

Watch these scenes between Olivia and Johnny followed by Olivia and Lulu in church – pre-reveal.

And LoCicero’s scenes on Friday and Monday were knock-it-out-of-the-ballpark Emmy material. That’s all I can say.

Maurice Benard as Sonny….well Emmy winner says it all!

Benard was spectacular in confronting Dominic, the person he thought a traitor.

I do love the layers that Benard shows us as Sonny and the juxtipostion of his life as the take-no-prisoners mob kingpin and the loving father/family man.

Having said that, I do have big issues with Sonny as a character.

I can’t excuse the fact that he orders hits on people at the drop of a hat….and the way he just threw away Claudia like yesterday’s trash among other terrible things that he’s done over the years.

Claudia (Sarah Brown) did a lot of horrendous things, but, in all fairness, Sonny was really the one who got Michael shot because of his lifestyle. And Claudia had no idea that Michael would be there that night.

I also find it reprehensible that Sonny – the minute he finds out Dominic is an undercover cop – shoots him in cold blood.

Hello! Dominic saved Sonny as well as Morgan and Lulu! Doesn’t that count for something?

Another thing about Sonny that I could never reconcile – how is it that all these good and decent women fall for him?

I mean this is the Godfather….the head of the mob for goodness sake! Not to mention Attorney/District Attorney Alexis Davis has a child with him.

See, I’m the kind of soap watcher that roots for the truely-through-and-through good characters – like Dante. He’s my kind of guy.

Now here’s what I’m wondering…..

How is all this going to affect Morgan and Michael, not to mention Carly and Jax, since Jax was the one behind keeping Dante on the case.

The funny thing about Carly and Jax is that I really dislike them as characters separately.

But together as a couple, I love watching them. Weird, eh? I can’t explain it.

I guess in some odd way, those two keep each other grounded.

But, on their own, they tend to spin out of control – especially Carly.

And Lulu….what will the fallout be on her?

Lulu and Dante

The only thing I know is that I want to see more and more of her and Dante together. Lulu (Julie Marie Berman) FINALLY has someone worthy of her, someone who makes her good qualities come out and shine.

And, as I’ve said before, I love the fact that they didn’t just jump into bed. That they were friends first and their relationship grew into love without having sex yet.

So what’s next? Will Sonny FINALLY answer for this crime?

One thing’s for sure: I’m watching GH before OLTL again today.

That says it all!