By Michele Dargan

 I knew it!!!

What seems now to be eons ago, I predicted that Mitch Laurence was Rex’s daddy.

And FINALLY the big reveal on One Life To Live yesterday!

(Unless, of course, there’s some kind of twist that we don’t know about).

Actually, the twist in the backstory is that Rex grew up thinking he was Natalie’s brother and several years ago discovered that Natalie was, in fact, a Buchanan.

Natalie was actually Jessica’s twin, but they never knew each other because Mitch had stolen Natalie at birth and gave her to Roxy Balsom (Rex’s mother) to raise.

Not only that, but in a HUGE history rewrite (and not a very popular one) Mitch raped Viki and fathered Jessica; while Clint fathered Natalie. (Using that very rare phenomenon that a woman can have twins fathered by two men).

Which now makes Jessica and Rex – brother and sister.

Mitch Laurence

Mitch Laurence

Roscoe Born’s portrayal of Mitch is one of THE most evil characters in soap opera history.

The guy is scary evil!

He creeped me out back in the day when he was that cult leader.

And with every OLTL return, he has become more and more evil.

Remember when he camethisclose to cutting Natalie’s heart out to give it to her grandfather, Victor Lord (also no stranger to evil).

Mitch’s appearance yesterday was chilling.

And that’s just the beginning.

Check out the SoapNET preview below.

Warning: not for the faint of heart.

Jared finally figured it out!
He knows that Jess is really Tess, her evil alter.
And, furthermore, Jared (John Brotherton) told Bo.
And I think Bo believes it may be true, too.
One Life To Live was actually tolerable Wednesday, because it wasn’t all doom and gloom for the first time in several weeks.
I’m seeing light.
And that light is the fact that Jared is onto Tess.
Tess and Jared

This has been one of the more horrendous storylines of late – Tess holding her sister, Natalie, captive in a soundproof room in the basement of Llanfair.
Or I should say….Jess’ sister, Natalie (Melissa Archer).
I felt so bad for Natalie in the beginning of the show when Tess told her that Rex had died and then Tess watched with glee as Natalie broke down.
How cruel!
Natalie locked up

But Natalie turned the tables on Tess and played mind games with her.
Natalie, rightly so, told Tess that Jared and others must be onto her and that people are going to know that something’s happened to Natalie because she is missing with Rex near death.
You could see the impact of her words by watching Tess’ face.
I just love Natalie’s spunk!
Here she is held captive and she manages to give it right back to Tess.
Bree Williamson has done an amazing acting job – moving seemlessly between the two portrayals of the sweet, loving Jess and her evil alter, Tess.
She certainly deserves an Emmy for her work this year, especially during Nash’s death scenes.
As for Tess. She needs to go.
Goodbye Tess.
Hello Jess.

So the secret’s out!
Well, not to everyone….but at least Natalie knows. Thank goodness.
Yes, Natalie finally said those glorious words – “So you chose money over me.”
Natalie (Melissa Archer) now knows that she hasn’t been attracted to her uncle – because Jared isn’t her uncle.
“The lie is that I was your uncle…I’m not. I never could be….I’m just plain old Jared Banks.”
What a relief for Natalie, to know that the man who she’s been wildly attracted to (and who’s been sticking his tongue down her throat every chance he gets) really isn’t her uncle.
Actually, Natalie got a two-fer. She not only knows that Jared (John Brotherton) is not her uncle, but she also found out that David Vickers IS!
And as Kara has previously blogged about the anticipation surrounding Tuc Watkins return as David Vickers – I can wholeheartedly echo those sentiments.
Bring him on!
I am so glad this secret is finally out.
Now maybe we can move on – where ever that might be.
Just think of the ensuing repercussions when the collateral damage is done to Charlie Banks, Jared’s real father who’s pretending to be Charlie Balsom, Rex’s father…Rex, who was raised as Natalie’s brother…. And Charlie is dating Natalie’s mother Viki.
It’s re-e-e-ally complicated.
Bottom line is that if this secret snowballs into adversely affecting Viki and Charlie’s relationship – I’ll be really mad, because I so enjoy Charlie and Viki.
As we left Nat and Jared yesterday, the rest of the Buchanans were just getting back to the cabin and they don’t know the truth.
I’m betting that Nat steps in and doesn’t let him spill the beans just yet….
But I don’t read spoilers and I’ve been wrong in my predictions before.
So I guess we’ll all tune in today to see if Jared actually fesses up to the rest of the Buchanan clan.