I touched a bit on this in Tuesday’s blog, but this topic deserves a blog unto it’s own.
First of all, my favorite pie-baking waitress is back on One Life To Live Noelle Ortiz of course and that’s good news in itself.
But there’s more good news about her portrayer, January LaVoy, who, by the way, is so warm and genuine….she’s an amazing person as well as super talented.
And being a good person in this crazy world counts for a lot as far as I’m concerned.
January is co-starring in “Home” at the Signature Theatre Company in New York City until Jan. 4. She co-stars with Tracey Bonner and Kevin T. Carroll.
Since I was spending my Thanksgiving week in Conn., my husband, my aunt and I took the train in to New York City to see a play – and when I found out that January was in “Home,” I decided that would be the play to see.
Below is a description of the play, which is a revival of the original production.
Home, which received a 1980 Best Play Tony nomination, is the tale of one man’s struggle to stay true to himself amid a rapidly changing and turbulent America. Leaving behind his family’s farm in North Carolina, Cephus Miles seeks refuge and prosperity in the North. Three actors portray more than 25 characters over the course of Cephus’ epic journey from adolescence to adulthood, spanning the 1950s through the Vietnam War and Civil Rights eras.
The three of us were awed by the entire performance.
All of the actors were incredible.
Kevin T. Carroll as Cephus brought the audience through a gamut of emotions – funny to sad and everything in between. January and Tracey did a spectacular job of playing a variety of characters and performing an array of sound effects that were so amazingly real.
After the performance, the three of us met January, Kevin and Tracey – all of whom were so unbelievably warm and welcoming.
Do we look like we’re having a good time, or what?
Tickets are available on Signature’s website at http://www.signaturetheatre.org/ by phone at (212) 244-PLAY (7529) and in person at the box office.
I highly recommend the production.
You won’t be disappointed.

Remember that sweet, lovable pie-baking waitress, Noelle Ortiz, from Moe’s Diner on One Life To Live?
Well, her portrayer, January LaVoy, wants to hear from you.
January is holding a contest and wants to get input from you – the fans – on how Noelle should get from Paris, Texas to Llanview.
The winner will win a phone call from January!
And I hear from very good sources at the OLTL fan club luncheon that January is so-o-o nice and such a fun and positive person.
I’d say that phone call will be quite a sought after prize.
So grab your pens and paper ASAP because there’s only five days left to postmark your entries.
The following is posted on her MySpace page:
How should we bring Noelle to Llanview from Paris, Texas????
With all the uncertainty surrounding Noelle and Moe, and all the changes going on in Llanview right now, one BIG question is — what will happen with Noelle? So many of you have asked about Noelle’s future, and told us you want to see her in Llanview…and we want to hear how YOU think it should happen! As a result, we are holding a Write In and Win contest and anyone is eligible to enter. The winner (who will be chosen by drawing) will receive a personal phone call from January LaVoy!
To enter into the drawing you must send in a letter or note to the OLTL studio that includes an idea to bring Noelle to Llanview. Any mail posted between September 8th and September 30th that includes the following will be entered (the entry MUST include the following):
Your Name:
Area code and Phone Number:
How should Noelle get to Llanview?
The envelope should be addressed as such:
January LaVoy
c/o OLTL, ABC TV studios
56 W 66th Street
New York, NY 10023
Attention: Noelle
All envelopes that are posted from September 8th to September 30th and include all the above inside will be considered one entry into the drawing. You can enter as many times as you like!
The winner will receive a personal phone call from January LaVoy and a writing pack filled with lots of fun JL fan stuff.
The winner will be announced on Saturday, October 4th. At that time we will schedule the winning phone call. If you have any questions, please email us at januarylavoy@mac.com
Good Luck!
***A note from Noelle***
Hey y’all – just wanted to let you all know that this is NOT an official ABC contest – in other words, this is just for FUN, for us to have a chat about the way I might come to Llanview! I surely hope y’all will still write in, and I can’t wait to talk with the winner! 🙂
Hugs, peace, & pies,
Noelle 🙂

One Life To Live turned 40 years old yesterday.
But the party is just starting.
It’s very nostalgic for me, because I’ve been watching from nearly beginning.
Back then, I looked forward to finding respite from my high school angst, coming home and watching the drama surrounding the Craigs, the Woleks and the Lords.
I got lost in the day-to-day saga of characters like Cathy Craig and her father Dr. James Craig, Dr. Larry Wolek and his blue-collar brother Vinnie Wolek and wife Wanda Webb Wolek. There was also Joe Riley, Sadie Gray and her daughter Carla Gray….and, of course, the Lords – Victor Lord and daughters Victoria and Meredith.
Only one of those characters remains today….Viki Lord Buchanan Davidson (Erika Slezak).
You know, OLTL had some pretty groundbreaking storylines back in the late 60’s and early 70’s.
There was the story of Carla “Benari,” whose real name was Carla Gray, a light-skinned African-American woman passing herself off as a white woman.
Another particularly interesting storyline was when Cathy Craig became addicted to drugs and she entered a real rehab facility for group therapy in New York City called Odyssey House. I remember watching the group meetings, which were filmed in the real facility and the meetings were run by the real head of the rehab, Dr. Judianne Densen-Gerber. The character, Cathy, joined real life ex-addicts who attended the group therapy sessions at Odyssey House.
It was fascinating! Think about it.
Back then, the idea of going for drug treatment and group therapy was foreign. Such a stigma attached. So watching an actual group therapy session was riveting.
Check out the various OLTL opening themes over the years. My favorite is the second one with the sun rising. Talk about nostalgia!

OLTL was my favorite then and is still my favorite soap today.
Which brings me to some very good news for very old fans like me….or, for that matter, good news for ALL OLTL fans young and old.
There will be LOTS of fan favorites returning in the next two weeks and, in addition, three storylines from the past will be redone as nods to OLTL history.
For starters, Erika Slezak (Viki) and Robert S. Woods (Bo Buchanan) will be on The View today (11 a.m. EST ABC) to talk about OLTL’s 40th birthday. So tune in.
OLTL is set to return to Paris, Texas today, meaning my favorite waitress Noelle Ortiz (January LaVoy) will be back onscreen. Welcome Back, January!
Rex (John-Paul Lavoisier) follows Bo to Paris, Texas and both are struck by lightning and transported back to 1968 (the year that OLTL was born). This is a take-off on a storyline years ago, when Clint was knocked unconscious and traveled back to the Wild West.
Another 40th anniversary storyline involves Tina (Andrea Evans) and Sarah (Justis Bolding) in Mendorra. Remember when Tina plunged over a waterfall in the 1980’s? This time, Tina watches in horror as her daughter Sarah takes the plunge, compliments of the treacherous Carlo Hesser. John Loprieno as Cord makes a return appearance.
The third nod to history involves Viki, the sole survivor of the original core characters. Viki “dies” in a car accident and goes to heaven, reprising a similar trip to heaven in the late 1980’s.
Viki and Ben vikiandbencloseup.jpg
Viki interacts with those who have died, including Asa (Phil Carey), Ben (Mark Derwin) and Mel (Stephen Markle). Another interesting twist: she meets a grown-up Megan (Jessica and Will’s unborn baby) played by Erin Torpey – who played Jessica for years.

As the ultimate bow to history, OLTL’s creator Agnes Nixon appears in heaven as Viki’s guardian angel.
So fasten your seatbelts OLTL fans, it looks like a fun-filled ride!