Has anyone listened to Robin Strasser’s recording on her hotline this week? Because if you haven’t heard it – you gotta call. It’s (212) 414-5300. Call now. You won’t believe some of the things that she says…Out Loud! Strasser, who plays the indomitable Dorian Lord on One Life To Live, has been the talk of […]

One Life To Live has been so captivating and so action-packed over the past two weeks – I don’t know where to begin – it’s been that good! On Friday, I wrote about Blair finally standing up to Todd and Todd beginning to get his comeuppance. (See blog below). There was so much more to […]

Anyone else loving the way One Life To Live has been interconnecting the Paris, Texas and Llanview, PA storylines and characters? Because I am! It is just amazing to me how head writer Ron Carlivati has turned OLTL 180 degrees in the right direction. He is rectifying all the convoluted storylines set in motion by […]