I can’t remember when I’ve enjoyed General Hospital as much as I did yesterday.
There wasn’t one thing that I fast forwarded through.
Amazing, considering I – and others – have been ranting about the over-saturation of the mob storyline.
But, note, there was none of that yesterday – and, oh, how enjoyable!
First, the return of Genie Francis as Laura waking from catatonia into a fully, lucid state is the ultimate reward for any longtime GH fan.
I mean, who doesn’t love Laura?
And doesn’t she look fab?
Coupled with her return to the real world, she is paired up with Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) for the moment.
See, I’m one of those fans who liked those two together….
It’s so nostalgic right down to Laura calling him Scotty. Scotty!
That was what everyone called him back in the day — until he returned years later going by the “more mature” version, Scott.
I still think of him as Scotty and so does Laura!
I loved their reminiscing about their honeymoon and the old days, even if it is semi-creepy that he has to blackmail her with her daughter’s freedom.
But hey, it’s a soap after all.

I know. I know. Everything is all about Luke and Laura to hoards of fans.
But I so enjoy Laura and Scotty and their time together.
It’s so cute the way Scott dotes on her.
And despite all the despicable things that he’s done, I instantly forget about those things when he’s with Laura.
And speaking of Luke…How about him and Tracy?
Those two are a laugh a minute. Tony Geary (Luke) and Jane Elliot (Tracy) play so well off each other.
The minute they come onscreen, I involuntarily smile. It just happens.
How about that first scene between the two with them arguing over Luke almost crashing the plane.

They just banter so well together and never miss a beat.
And then later in the show when they don those disguises….more laughs!
Other bright spots in the show: the opening bit with Coleman and the minister, when Coleman was asking if the priest thought Patrick would show. The priest said, “Have faith.”
And Coleman said, “I hope to hell you’re right.”
Realizing in an instant that he swore in church, Coleman looked at the priest and said, “No offense, chief.” The priest replied, “None taken.”
The looks on both their faces – priceless!
And even the scenes between Sonny and Jason were enjoyable, because for the first time in weeks the two were not talking mob stuff and they were reminiscing about the good times.
Why can’t GH be like this every day?

Can the General Hospital writers get any less creative?
It’s a rhetorical question.
I mean, c’mon.
First, they have the Sonny/Carly/Jax whose the daddy if there even is a baby storyline, with Carly going to Jason and asking HIM to lay claim to the fatherhood of the possible baby that turned out to not be a baby.
Ummmmm. Can someone say recycled from the yesteryear when oh so long ago Carly asked Jason to lay claim to Michael’s paternity?
You can read Kara’s previous blog about the Carly/Jason weirdness from long ago.
The most recently recycled storyline involves Lulu Spencer (Laura Webber Spencer’s daughter) killing Logan Hayes (Scott Baldwin’s son) with Maxie and Johnny trying to convince Lulu that they have to get rid of the body because Scott will not believe Lulu and will prosecute her for murder.
So here’s the familiarity.
Years ago, when Scott was married to Laura,he helped Laura’s stepfather Rick Webber, bury nurse Theresa Carter in the backyard after Laura accidentally killed her. Then Rick injected Laura with a drug to erase her memory of the event.
All of this never surfaced until Laura was about to remarry Luke in 2002 and she started having all these flashbacks in the Webber attic, the same place that Theresa was killed. Rick, who came back for the wedding, tried to inject Laura with something to calm her down, she struck and killed Rick. It was believed that this led to Laura’s eventual catatonia.
Lulu (Julie Marie Berman) eventually discovered that it was Scott who really killed Rick.
Julie Marie Berman as Lulululu.jpg

The one thing that Lulu is desperately afraid of is winding up the same way as her mother.

So I ask….

Is this where the writers are going?
Are they going to put Lulu in Shadybrook too?
And what in the heck was the point of introducing Logan into Port Charles as Scott’s son, when he has had so little storyline and now he’s dead.
There could have been a much better nod to history if Scott’s son and Laura’s daughter developed a long-term relationship….But that was never to be.
So again I ask, what is the point to all this?