“Do I still love you? Morasco, it was always you!”
Wasn’t that just THE most romantic thing, when Rex said that to Gigi on “One Life To Live.”?
I just loved that one little moment in time.

Not to mention, I’m glad that Gigi finally told Rex that Shane is his son and I’m also glad that they both made it back to 2008.
Don’t get me wrong.
I loved the 1968 storyline for many reasons.
But I do think it’s time for Gigi (Farah Fath) and Rex (John-Paul Lavoisier) to get back to 2008 and sort out their….um….”complicated” situation.
Complicated – as in Rex is still technically married to Adriana and Shane believes Brody is his father. Not to mention the faux paternity test, which complicates things even further.
But I’m rooting for Gigi and Rex to work things out.
I must say I am conflicted by watching all the scenes between Shane (Austin Williams ) and Brody (Mark Lawson). The two characters have really bonded as father and son – believably so.
And I do feel for Brody.
He was willing to marry Gigi when she was pregnant with another man’s child and he’s still sticking by them.
He wants the three of them to be family so badly that it hurts.
I can feel it.
Lawson makes me feel it.
There will be someone else in Llanview for Brody. I’m sure of it.
Now that Rex knows the truth, he needs to divorce Adriana and Gigi needs to tell Shane the truth.
Gigi, Rex and Adriana
But Adriana (Melissa Fumero), who left Llanview for Paris in May, is slated to return for a few upcoming episodes.
(In real life, the former Melissa Gallo married OLTL co-star David Fumero in December.)
Last we saw Adriana, she was kind of….well….kind of like you would expect Dorian’s daughter to be (rhymes with witchy.)
I wonder how SHE will shake things up.
Should be interesting.