It was the kiss felt ’round the world!
So who was lovin the Bo and Nora kiss yesterday???
*Raises Hand*
It was the moment that so many Bo and Nora fans have been waiting patiently (or for some impatiently) for years to see again on One Life To Live.
And, of course, it comes on the eve of Nora’s wedding to Bo’s bro, Clint.
Oh the drama!
Nora .jpg

Here’s a photo of Nora the night before her wedding to Clint?

Does this look like a happy bride?


So the question is, will Nora go through with the wedding?
I think I know the answer as it has been pretty well telegraphed for weeks.
First of all, I absolutely adore both actors and the iconic characters they have created.
Robert S. Woods as Bo Buchanan and Hillary B. Smith as Nora Hanen are a joy to watch each on their own merits and separate from the couple.
But together…..
Can you say SUPERCOUPLE!!!
We have watched them go through so much together and apart….and I, along with many OLTL fans love the Bo and Nora days of the 90’s.
I particularly loved their dancing days together….So much fun to watch and they always put a smile on my face!
So for all the Bo and Nora fans out there – and those who may become new fans – check out the wonderful, fun montage below…