Is anyone else catching the irony of the Super Soap Weekend commercials they keep running on SOAPnet?
You know, the ones featuring close-ups of select stars as they beckon you with the crook of a finger? The ones that have these same stars go on and on, gushing about what a wonderful event SSW is?
The ads work overtime to promote the energy and excitement of the weekend. Check out the one below featuring Bradford Anderson (General Hospital‘s Spinelli).

The promos literally make me wanna get out my pom-poms.
My favorite? The ad where Kassie DePaiva (One Life to Live‘s Blair) refers to how great it is to feel all the love from the fans … right before she slips in that this will be the last SSW.
Even she looks pained about it.
So, tell me … and maybe I’m just not getting the problem here … why exactly are they canceling this much-anticipated event?
I’d like to believe it’s for the good of soap fans. Er, excuse me. For the good of the “Soap Nation,” as ABC Daytime President Brian Frons says. At least, that’s the tale he’s spinning.
But something doesn’t ring true.
Regardless, I find it super interesting how they’re selling the heck out of SSW, making it seem like it’s the most wondrous soap event since … well, it is the most wondrous soap event.
Where else can you go and not only see stars from three different soaps, but meet them as well? It’s crazy to think a cruise can compare. Or a Broadway show. Or even the fan club luncheons.
I like having so many actors and actresses from different shows in one place, even if there are repeat attendees year after year. There are usually enough new people … and some of my returning faves … to keep me happy.
I do recognize that the event gets bigger, busier and more difficult for Disney to manage every year. Heck, after last year’s “herding” through the GH line, Michele and I both wondered if we’d be back for another turn.
Yet here we are.
I kind of liken it to giving birth. It can be a big pain while it’s happening, but the final result makes it all worth while. Before you know it, time passes, and you’re ready and willing to go
through it all again.
It’s just too bad ABC doesn’t feel the same.
And considering that’s the case, I wish they’d quit rubbing salt in the wound with those “Super Soap is Super Duper” ads.
It positively oozes hypocrisy.