John McBain cleans up really nicely, doesn’t he?
I’m talking about the “Go Red Ball” on One Life To Live.
When he entered the scene wearing a tux, with his hair all fixed nice….and those blue, bedroom eyes…..(swooning).
And the way he sauntered in with those beautiful flowers and convinced Blair (Kassie DePaiva) – who was really ticked off at him – to go to the ball with him……It took my breath away!
John and Blair
I just love the way Michael Easton brings all the nuances to the character….the long, smoldering look in his eyes; the sexy thing he does with the sides of his mouth before he smiles…..
But the best qualities about John McBain aren’t about his looks.
It’s his intense drive to do the right thing.
His honesty, integrity- and, of course, his chivalry.
Who can resist chivalry in this day and age when – I hate to use a cliche – but it is dead, pretty much.
And the best scene for me in Thursday’s episode was at the end of the show, when McBain and Blair showed up at the ball at the same time as Todd and Tea. And, almost immediately the elevator opens revealing Wes and Marty.
The looks on their faces were priceless.
With Tea stating the obvious, “Now THIS is awkward!”