I just watched One Life To Live and I have to say it was one big – Awwwww.
I had tears in my eyes the whole time.
They were good tears.
Not sad tears.
But sentimental tears.
From Charlie recreating the Bon Jour Cafe for Viki and bringing back Noelle and Moe to Bo’s speech at the Buchanan gathering, it was all so heartwarming – hence the tears.
Erika Slezak as Viki and Brian Kerwin as Charlie – watching them together is like reading a beautiful poem.
vikiand charlie.jpg
Viki and Charlie
How about the end of Bo’s speech when he singled out Cole and said that God should bless him for enduring what no one should have to endure. Loved it!
Robert S. Woods as Bo brought tears to my eyes throughout his monologue.
And I love the fact that Renee forgave Natalie and Jared. It brought that storyline around to some degree of closure and now, hopefully, everyone can move on.
Okay, there was some bit of craziness at the Vega and Cramer gatherings, compliments of Sarah and Dorian, respectively.
I have to say – and maybe I’m divulging a bit too much – but I could see myself going off on Vanessa like Sarah (Justis Bolding) did.
I mean come on, the woman is obviously a viper and Sarah, a bit tipsy at best, needed to vent and protect her man, Christian.
So, yeah, I was cheering at that part.
I loved that final montage with all of the family gatherings meeting together at the new Buenos Dias Cafe, the former site of Carlotta’s Diner, which Charlie rebuilt in the form of the Bon Jour for Viki!
And, yeah, more tears.
You could just see the real emotion in Slezak’s eyes as Viki looked around at all the various characters gathered at the spot that she holds dear to her heart.
You know when I interviewed Slezak at Super Soap Weekend two weeks ago, she said the Paris, Texas storyline and the Bon Jour Cafe with Moe and Noelle was her favorite storyline…and I have to agree that it was one of my all time favorites too.
Click here to read my interview with Slezak.
Slezak said that she loves the fact that the Bon Jour crew – Gigi (Farah Fath), Noelle (January LaVoy) and Moe (John Rue) are all real working people.
And speaking of January LaVoy, she’s co-starring in “Home,” at the Signature Theatre Company in New York City.
The play is an incredible piece of theatre and January, along with her co-stars Tracey Bonner and Kevin T. Carroll delivered some very powerful performances.
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I don’t know where to begin.
There were so many really good performances Tuesday on One Life To Live.
Okay, I’ll start with Erika Slezak (Viki), because Viki IS One Life To Live.
And Slezak draws you in every time she’s onscreen.
She is so believable.
So genuine.
And when she’s paired with Brian Kerwin as Charlie – well, the sky’s the limit.
vikiand charlie.jpg
Kerwin also gives it all he’s got when paired with Slezak.
Together – perfection!
As was the case on Tuesday, as Charlie is begging Viki for forgiveness.
And Viki wants to forgive him – so badly.
I mean, you can feel how badly she wants to forgive him.
And I think she might, if not for her loyalty to her daughter, Jessica (Bree Williamson).
Because, as Viki says, even if she could get past Charlie’s lies, Jessica would never forgive her if she went back with Charlie.
And Viki can’t do that to Jess.
Speaking of Williamson, she’s been absolutely phenomenal in her grief over Nash’s death as Kara attested to in a previous blog.
And Tuesday was no exception.
But it was Antonio (Kamar de los Reyes) who really moved me in his scenes with ex-wife, Jessica.
It was the gentle side of Antonio – the side that I really adore – that came out as he offered comfort to Jess.
It was magnanimous of him, considering that Jess trashed her marriage to Antonio by her affair with Nash.
Antonio was so giving and so kind in Jess’s hour of need.
What I like about de los Reyes; Antonio is that he has such a great range of emotions and does them all very well.
He plays the rough and tough side of Antonio as well as he plays the tender, caring side.
As for Melissa Archer as Natalie – she got in touch with her forceful, assertive side…the Asa Buchanan part of her.
And, for me, I’m loving it.
Natalie, calmly – but firmly – issued her ultimatum to the shocked trio of Clint, Bo and Nora.
She will offer up the name of the real Buchanan heir if all of the charges against Jared are dropped.
Natalie played hardball, insisting that all civil charges be dropped too.
AND she insisted on having everything in writing!
I LOVE it!
A true tribute to her grandfather.
It’s something Asa would definitely be proud of!

Would someone give me a good reason to watch One Life To Live – please?
It’s not that I’m not watching it, because I am.
It’s my favorite and always has been my favorite.
But the truth is – I’m just not that into it right now.
What the heck has happened?
Head Writer Ron Carlivati started things on a high note when he took over the head writing duties last fall.
The Paris, Texas storyline – in my opinion – was brilliant in the way he little-by-little wove in the Llanview characters until finally – both worlds collided.
I absolutely loved watching Viki’s (Erika Slezak) escape from her life as an heiress/newspaper publisher to become a waitress.
It was so much fun to watch.
I couldn’t wait to get home from work to watch it.
And now – quite the opposite.
I don’t like the this whole attack on BE storyline and Clint turning into Asa. Clint has always been a good guy and that’s the way I like him.
I’m also not feeling the chemistry between Clint (Jerry Ver Dorn) and Nora (Hillary B. Smith) as a couple. I like both actors, but not as love interests together.
I’m not interested in the Rex/Adriana wedding – especially because the Shane paternity secret is bound to come out in time to stop it.
I really hate the way Adriana has become a total B****! Although, I guess I can understand her not being too nice to Rex’s old girlfriend, Gigi, who he seems to be with every time she turns around.
I’m not liking Starr’s teen pregnancy storyline, although Kristen Alderson (Starr) and Brittany Underwood (Langston) have been turning in some heavy-duty performances. They should get a young actress Emmy nomination for this.
And the whole Todd anger thing has to go. I love Trevor St. John when he plays the nice Todd. But lately, Todd has been too over-the-top.
The scene the other day, threatening Cole, gave me the creeps. I guess that was the idea.
But I just can’t get over the irony of his anger. After all, he raped Cole’s mother, Marty.
And what’s up with the Nash/Sarah road trip and sharing the suite together?
Don’t get it.
Are they going to have Nash cheat on Jessica now that he cheated with Jessica when she was married to Antonio? Don’t even wanna go there….
And speaking of angry Antonio, there’s something not right about him catching John and Talia in a motel room.
Sorry. I’m not buying it.
Talia was crazy about Antonio and she saw him through the Nash/Jessica situation. I don’t think she would cheat on him.
And John McBain? It’s not his style to stab a friend in the back.
So there’s more to this story, but, honestly, it’s just not that interesting.
It may be some kind of plan to take down dirty police commish Lee Ramsey.
Taking him down. I’m all for that. I can’t stand his character – or I should say lack of it.
And just who is he keeping up in the upstairs room?
Okay. That just might be one reason to watch.
Another reason to watch is the imminent return of fan favorite Andrea Evans as Tina Roberts.
One thing’s for sure.
Tina will shake things up.