It was the kiss felt ’round the world!
So who was lovin the Bo and Nora kiss yesterday???
*Raises Hand*
It was the moment that so many Bo and Nora fans have been waiting patiently (or for some impatiently) for years to see again on One Life To Live.
And, of course, it comes on the eve of Nora’s wedding to Bo’s bro, Clint.
Oh the drama!
Nora .jpg

Here’s a photo of Nora the night before her wedding to Clint?

Does this look like a happy bride?


So the question is, will Nora go through with the wedding?
I think I know the answer as it has been pretty well telegraphed for weeks.
First of all, I absolutely adore both actors and the iconic characters they have created.
Robert S. Woods as Bo Buchanan and Hillary B. Smith as Nora Hanen are a joy to watch each on their own merits and separate from the couple.
But together…..
Can you say SUPERCOUPLE!!!
We have watched them go through so much together and apart….and I, along with many OLTL fans love the Bo and Nora days of the 90’s.
I particularly loved their dancing days together….So much fun to watch and they always put a smile on my face!
So for all the Bo and Nora fans out there – and those who may become new fans – check out the wonderful, fun montage below…

Was anyone else dumbfounded by the ending of the Bo/Lindsay wedding on One Life To Live?
I couldn’t believe it!
The SAME EXACT ending as their previous attempt at matrimony many years earlier…Nora (Hillary B. Smith) dropped a bombshell revelation that Lindsay (Catherine Hickland) lied (again) and Bo walked away because he couldn’t take her lying (again).
I mean, yeah, we all saw the Nora interference coming a mile away.
But what I didn’t expect was for Bo (Robert S. Woods) to walk away this time.
I expected that he was a more forgiving Bo and would throw the letter from R.J. at Nora and continue the ceremony.
But that didn’t happen.
And I can only ask – WHY????
I have loved the way Lindsay’s softer, gentler side has emerged since the brutal death of her daughter, Jen.
Hickland has really brought another dimension to Lindsay in recent years. Especially poignant is the lasting bond between Lindsay, Marcie and Rex over Jen’s death. Those relationships have been wonderful to watch.
And now we’re hearing via some soap insider reports that now that Lindsay has pleaded guilty to Spencer’s murder, she will remain in prison indefinitely.
Translation: we’re not going to be seeing Hickland on our screens anytime soon once she is sentenced and sent to prison.
Soap Opera Weekly reports that Hickland will be “off the canvas for the foreseeable future because no final decision has been made regarding Lindsay’s fate.”
And the C.H.E.R.I. initiative, a fan-based initiative that promotes Hickland and four other OLTL women vets, is mounting an active campaign to keep Hickland on our T.V. screens.
Denise Balcarcel, founder of C.H.E.R.I., is asking that all Hickland fans call the OLTL hotline in support of keeping her visible on the show. The number for OLTL’s comment line is 212-456-3338, and it’s a 24/7 voice mail system.
“My goal is to get as many people who are fans of Catherine’s as possible phoning in, because we can make a greater impact if these calls come in during the same timeframe,” Balcarcel said.
Another thing that I think is really great about Hickland – she gives back to the community big time.
Particularly close to her heart – animal rights.
It’s a cause close to mine as well.
If you can get to New York City on Aug. 16, then you can meet this wonderful actress up close and personal at her annual fan event from 6-10 p.m. at Connolly’s Pub and Restaurant. Space is limited and the setting is small in order for fans to have some quality time with Hickland.
And the beauty of all this is that proceeds from the event go to Cat Haven Wild Animal Park.
For $80 you get dinner, gift bags, one-on-one time with Hickland AND you’re helping out a great cause.
Click here to go to her website and then click on the events link at the top of the page for all the details you need to attend her “Mystical and Magical” evening. Or e-mail for reservations or more info.
If you want to double your fan experience, Hickland will be attending the OLTL Fan Club Party earlier that day at the Marriott Marquis Hotel on Broadway.
Actually, you can meet a whole bunch of your OLTL favorites at the fan club party as well.
Click here to see the list of stars attending that event and to get information on attending.
And don’t forget to call the OLTL hotline.
I want to see Lindsay on my T.V. screen for many years to come.

One Life To Live has been so captivating and so action-packed over the past two weeks – I don’t know where to begin – it’s been that good!
On Friday, I wrote about Blair finally standing up to Todd and Todd beginning to get his comeuppance. (See blog below).
There was so much more to be said….However, writing when you’re jet-lagged is never a good combination and I was exhausted.
I had just returned from a week in Ireland – and kudos to Kara for her brilliant musings and for carrying the blog single-handedly in my absence.
And, of course I get back and begin to watch all the back eppys of OLTL – and each one better than the next!
So here goes – although late I feel the need to discuss.
First of all – there was Rex and Adriana’s wedding and “the punch heard ’round the world’ – not to mention the appearance by Brody.
A video is worth a thousand words. Watch below for all the fireworks.

There were lots of really good performances and side scenes leading up to the Bridezilla moment by Adriana (Melissa Fumero) – especially when it looked like Rex (John Paul Lavoisier) wasn’t going to show.
In addition to Fumero and Lavoisier being at their best – there were many other enjoyable, wonderful performances.
Loved the scenes with Talia (BethAnn Bonner) and Antonio (Kamar de los Reyes) sneaking off to be together and the priest finding them in a lip-lock in church.
And then there was Robert S. Woods as Bo trying to keep everything together in the face of impending disaster…Woods always delivers.
It was fun watching the many mood changes of Dorian (Robin Strasser) when at first she thought her plan to stop the wedding had worked – and then watching her as she realized it didn’t.
Kathy Brier is consistently good as Marcie McBain, and I particularly liked her scenes with Gigi (Farah Fath) as she tried to convince Gigi to tell Rex the truth – that he is Shane’s father.
And how about after the wedding – the Bo and Lindsay kiss? Finally!
But that was followed by the Bo/Lindsay and Nora/Clint confrontation, where Bo learned that Lindsay (Catherine Hickland) had fed Clint (Jerry Ver Dorn) the negative info about BE’s enemies.
Also good stuff!
Will Bo and Lindsay survive a second chance?
Or will Nora (Hillary B.Smith) get the revenge she so wants?
Some of the funniest and most entertaining scenes revolved around – who else, but David Vickers, Llanview’s most lovable scoundrel.
With Natalie (Melissa Archer), Jared (John Brotherton) and Nigel (Peter Bartlett) desperately trying to keep secret that Jared is not a Buchanan from the rest of the family, Vickers (Tuc Watkins) finds out the secret and – what else – blackmails them.
What Vickers doesn’t know is that he is the lost Buch heir.
To keep him quiet for awhile, Jared clocks Vickers on the head with a glass and carts him out to the stable to hide him until they figure out a plan.
Some really funny scenes in the living room, before Jared and Nigel are able to get Vickers to the barn.
Clint and Nora enter the room, with Vickers stowed behind the couch.
This is really funny! Check out when Nora sits on the couch and Vicker’s hand appears next to her! The comedic sides from all of the actors really shines in these scenes.

More good scenes with Natalie bringing breakfast to a hog-tied Vickers.
Even Whiskey weighs in on the scene.
Check out Whiskey’s ears as the horse looks at Vickers and tries to figure out what the heck he’s doing in her territory. Being a horse person and having owned horses, I know how funny horses can be with their expressions.

I think some of my favorite Melissa Archer scenes occurred in the barn as she tries to hide Vickers from Clint. She puts a horse blanket around the bound and gagged Vickers and puts him next to Whiskey. Then Natalie tap dances with words as she discourages Clint from going for a ride on the mare.

And there’s so much more going on….What about the jewel heist from Lindsay’s gallery? Will Ramsey finally get his due?
And then there’s Dorian….drugging Charlie (Brian Kerwin) and then pouring alcohol down the recovering alcoholic’s throat? I’m really not liking that twist, particularly because it’s going to bring Viki (Erika Slezak) heartache.
I guess we’ll have to tune in this week to see.