Every animal lover knows what it’s like to watch their beloved pet struggle with a debillitating or terminal illness.
It’s heartbreaking…It’s overwhelming….Words can’t even express the pain.
Even worse. What if there was treatment available for your pet and you were unable to afford it?
Enter Emmy Award winning actress Hillary B. Smith and her good friend, Lindsay Harrison, a television writer and multiple-best-selling author.
Hillary plays the smart, saavy, District Attorney Nora Hanen on One Life To Live.
Hillary B. Smith as D.A. Nora Hanen
Hillary and Lindsay, both huge animal lovers, set up a fund to help people who find themselves in just such a situation.
The endowment was established several years ago to honor the memory of their beloved dogs, Willie (Lindsay’s Bichon Frise) and Coppee (Hillary’s Golden Retriever).
It serves to discreetly assist pet owners who may be struggling with overwhelming veterinary bills and helps clients of the California-based Sherman Oaks Veterinary Group.
“While nothing can ease the pain of losing a beloved pet, there is great satisfaction in assisting fellow pet owners in need,” Hillary writes on her official website. “Everyone has been deeply impacted by the current economy, and some of the hardest hit within our society at present are pet owners.”
Hillary has asked her fans that instead of sending her gifts (which many of them do throughout the year) that they instead contribute to the Willie-Coppee Fund “so that others may benefit from your thoughtful generosity.”
Please visit the official website for the Willie-Coppee Fund to see how you can help pet owners withstand these troubled economic times, either by making a direct donation or by patronizing one of the site’s featured advertisers.
Also, visit Hillary’s Official Website where you can read more about the Willie-Coppee Fund through a letter from Hillary to her fans.
btw, You can meet Hillary at her fan event in NYC next month.
Hillary is having her own fan party Aug. 14 in New York City, which is the day before the One Life To Live Fan Club Luncheon.
Hillary’s event is from 2-5pm at Playwright Tavern, 202 W. 49th St., NYC. The cost is $65 and includes lunch, dessert, coffee/tea/soda (cash bar also available), autographs, photos, Q&A and auction items, with proceeds from the auction items going to the Willie-Coppee Fund.
If you’re interested in attending Hillary’s event, please send check or money order made payable to:
Angela Zilafro
39520 Twenlow
Clinton Twp., MI, 48038
*With your ticket order, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope, name(s), address, e-mail address, phone number, and T-shirt size for each name.
For more information or questions about Hillary’s event, please contact her fan club president Angela Zilafro at: HBSRocks@comcast.net