I never saw it coming.
Emily Quartermaine, dead.
Talk about being totally blindsided.
Emily is always the voice of reason amid the usual chaos that surrounds all things Quartermaine.
The only virtuous character on General Hospital and they kill her off?
I still can’t believe it.
Since I don’t read spoilers, I’m thinking that maybe she’s not really dead.
But Kara seems to think she is. Really dead, I mean.
If true, it really stinks, because I like Natalia Livingston, portrayer of Emily.
One thing about those GH writers, they really know how to get your attention during sweeps. There is so much action, tension, plots and subplots.
Last time, it was the Metro Court hostage crisis.
This time it’s the insanity during the Black and White Ball at Wyndemere.
There is sure a lot of insanity. And anger. LOTS of anger.
Let’s see, there’s the totally insane Anthony Zacchara (Bruce Weitz) – and, yeah, he’s plenty angry too.
Then there’s Nikolas (Tyler Christopher). He’s just plain angry….and maybe there’s some insanity there, too.
Especially now with Emily dead and Nikolas having flashbacks that he’s the one who strangled Emily to death….hmm.
So who really is the killer? Somehow Zacchara seems too convenient….and obvious….
That’s why I’m thinking it’s someone else….But who?
Emily’s father Alan Quartermaine (Stuart Damon) was killed off during the last sweeps in the Metro Court crisis.
I just don’t get it. What are they going to do, kill off a Quartermaine during every sweeps?
And poor Monica (Leslie Charleson). Her son A.J. was murdered a couple of years back. Then her husband, Alan, dies in February and now her daughter, Emily?
And last time we saw mob enforcer, Jason Morgan, who is Monica’s only remaining child, he was being held at gunpoint by Zacchara on a ledge at Wyndemere with the mother of his child, Elizabeth.
Zacchara told Jason that if he jumps to his death, he will spare Elizabeth’s life.
Talk about cliff hanger Friday!