Is there anyone who really watches The Fashionista Diaries on SOAPnet?
More importantly, is there anyone who likes the show?
If so, I have just one question.
The show focuses on six 20-somethings working as assistants for a PR firm, a magazine and a cosmetics company in the Big Apple. It follows the day-to-day drama surrounding their work and their social lives.
Only problem, there isn’t any….Drama, that is.
It’s just Bor-ing!
I just don’t find anything entertaining about these young interns working 24-7 for little money, while having to put up with verbal abuse by their bosses.
Well, at least one boss.
Mandie. Mandie Erickson. The head of Seventh House PR.
She is just downright mean to the interns, specifically the new girl Laurie. It appears that she feels powerful and better about her miserable self by degrading these young girls.
Mandie basically told Laurie, when she hired her, that she would work tons of hours for little money and should be grateful for it.
Then Mandie fires a parting salvo. She tells Laurie to forgo eating in order to buy new clothes.
The ABSOLUTE worst thing I have ever seen – and trust me I’m never watching this show again – was last week. Mandie called the other intern, Bridget, into her office, leaving Laurie outside within hearing distance.
Mandie proceeds to tell Bridget how awful and how ugly Laurie’s (Gucci) shoes are and Bridget must tell Laurie. Well, Laurie was devastated and ran from the office.
I wanted to reach through the television and slap that witch across her smug face.
And this coming from someone who….how can I put this delicately….is not exactly a head turner.
But don’t take my word for it. Just go to SOAPnet and look at Mandie’s picture. And I don’t mean the glamour shot at the top of the page. There’s an untouched photo of her in action.
There’s a “pretty policy” in place at Seventh House PR?
Well look in the mirror, Mandie.
I hate to be catty, but if Mandie can be so utterly cruel to these young girls, then someone on her own level needs to set her straight.
And believe me, I’ve eaten PR people for breakfast, so have at me Mandie. Give it your best shot at someone who can, and will, fight back.
For the life of me, I can’t understand why the show is on SOAPnet to begin with. I mean, it’s not STYLEnet or FASHIONnet. It’s SOAPnet, the channel of all things soaps.
And the worst thing about it is that it pre-empts my favorite soap – One Life To Live – from its normal 9 p.m. time slot on Wednesdays.
By the way, Mandie.
Meryl Streep called.
She wants her character back from “The Devil Wears Prada.”


One thought on “SOAPnet’s Fashionistas? No Thank You.

  1. Diana
    September 18, 2007 at 2:24 pm

    Michele!!! I’m expecting an article about Jacob Young (my boyfriend to be he just doesn’t know it yet) from All My Children