Is it just me, or does Victor Newman on The Young and the Restless spend an awful lot of time mumbling?
I’m not trying to slight portrayer Eric Braeden; he is a daytime icon, after all. But really. Is Victor supposed to be so lifeless and monotone?
I seriously doubt it.
Eric has been playing this role for more than 20 years. And he has played it well, bringing just the right mix of charm and ruthlessness to Genoa City’s patriarchal tycoon.
Lately, though, there have been few moments of true intensity from the character, which seems odd considering the year he’s had.
Let’s see, he thought his son Nick had died. His wife and soul mate Nikki slept with another man and then dumped him. His pregnant daughter was in a coma, leaving he and Nikki at odds as to whether to pull the plug. He was arrested for murder. Oh, yeah, and he was diagnosed with epilepsy.
All that strain can definitely leave a man exhausted and defeated.
And perhaps prone to mumbling.
But this is Victor Newman we’re talking about. When is he ever really down and out?
Never, by gum!
So, please, is there some way we can oust the mumble monster that has taken hold of Eric Braeden’s tongue?
And then send that slayer on over to General Hospital. Maurice Benard‘s Sonny could use a little help, too.


One thought on “Stop with the mush-mouth, Victor Newman

  1. Kim Johnson
    March 7, 2008 at 10:55 am

    Oh, leave Victor alone. He is the man in Y&R. If anyway could pull of all that he has, I say bring them on. Anyway, he brings a certain feeling to the show. I tape them daily and watch them while I am cooking after work. He is the best and I hope they never replace him. The show wouldn’t be the same. The mumbling is who he is.