Does The Young and the Restless‘ Amber really think she’s going to fool everyone with her “disguise” for The Fresh Faces of Jabot contest?
I know, it’s a soap, and the answer is more than likely, “Yes.” But I still can’t help but laugh.
Maybe it’s because I know it’s her in that get-up. It’s easy for me to say, “Oh, that’s Amber in a red wig with a fake mole.”
And, really, that wouldn’t be so bad on its own, but then she has to add the husky voice and the funny name, which she takes relish in purring out.
Marina something-or-other.
I’ll admit I didn’t really catch all of the name because I was a bit distracted by, well, the whole thing.
If anyone can pull it off, though, it would be Miss Thang. Amber must have liquid brass flowing through her veins, considering the amount of havoc she’s caused, first on The Bold and the Beautiful and now on Y&R.
Even after all she’s done and everything’s she’s been through, she’s still trifling along.
Her portrayer must have something to do with that. Love her or hate her, Adrienne Frantz does capture attention.
Even incognito.
I wonder if it’ll be the same for Amber?


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