By Kimi
Guest Blogger

I am SO disappointed … I want the strong willed Amanda Dillon who blackmailed JR and the Chandlers back on my screen!

I’ve always loved this character’s potential.  Given her lineage (daughter of Trevor Dillon and Janet Green) this character was destined to be front burner. Even when she had no storyline, I rooted for her.  But sadly, Amanda brought the character full circle during yesterday’s episode of All My Children.

It wasn’t long ago that Amanda (Chrishell Stause) lamented constantly how she had no man and no prospects to get one. She finally landed Jake Martin (Ricky Paull Goldin), who supported her even while pregnant by his worst enemy. He eventually put his freedom and medical career on the line, only for Amanda to fall for the oldest trick in the book (running out of gas) and end up having sex with David Hayward (Vincent Irizarry) in the back seat of his car instead of waiting for her next ovulation cycle. 

In my opinion, this particular part of the storyline was distasteful to say the least, and lowered both characters in my eyes: Amanda for disrespecting herself, her marriage and Jake AND for getting conned so easily AGAIN, and David for … well honestly I can’t get but so mad at him this time (which makes me mad in itself LOL). He didn’t pressure or blackmail her into having sex (although any man willing to bed a crying woman who doesn’t even want to be talked to or looked at during the act, seems suspect).

 The only saving grace was viewers didn’t have to witness their tryst onscreen, and not because Vincent Irizarry and Chrishell Stause aren’t hot together, but because this was one train wreck that I know I’d rather not witness. I’ve been cringing at the thought since Friday, hoping Amanda wouldn’t go to the dark side.


Jake (Ricky Paull Goldin) punches David (Vincent Irizarry) as Amanda (Chrishell Stause) looks on. Photo Credit: ABC/Steve Fenn

But bottom line, if Amanda’s memory is so faulty that she forgot David’s specialty is exploiting the weaknesses of others, then she may as well go on ahead sign over her rights to Trevor now. Save everyone some time, and herself further embarrassment. 

And newsflash Amanda – at this point it doesn’t even matter whether or not you get pregnant. The damage is done, and you can only blame yourself.  And poor Jake! How will he react? I’m sure David will see to it personally that the truth comes out in the worst possible way. 

Where’s Janet and her crowbar when she’s REALLY needed? (I think Annie’s got one she can borrow). And while she’s at it, Janet should knock some sense into her daughter, too.

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