Happy New Year, dear readers!
Wow, 2008 is here, and hopefully it will be a good one for you — and our beloved soaps.
Anytime our new year comes around, I always think of the Chinese New Year. Other cultures and their traditions never cease to fascinate me.
The Chinese New Year doesn’t start until Feb. 7, 2008, but I wanted to see which animal got top billing this year. (For those not familiar, Chinese New Years rotate among 12 animals. Click
here for a better explanation than I could give!)
This year, it’s the rat. People born under the year of the rat are supposed to be charming and good leaders, among other positive traits.
For the purposes of this blog, though, I’m going to invoke the more Americanized meaning of rat. You know, the word we use to refer to those sneaky, trouble-makers, the type of characters that scurry about on soaps?
Aren’t they awesome?
So as an homage to the vermin who make soaps so much more interesting — and who make our heros and heroines all the more heroic — here’s my list of some of the top “rats” in daytime:
1. Adam Chandler on All My Children. He might just be “The King” of rats. I mean, how long has this devilish tycoon been causing trouble in Pine Valley? Long. Time. Just when you think he can’t do anything worse … he does. Just ask little Jenny Martin. She’s only capable of googoo, gaga, but trust me. She knows.
2. Richie Novak on AMC. He’s pretty new to the canvas, but he’s made up for limited airtime with maximum evil. The guy’s not just bad; he’s crazy. Yikes.
3. Trevor Lansing on General Hospital. This guy gives me the full-body heebie-jeebies. Someone needs to eradicate this rodent ASAP. Yuck.
4. Ric Lansing on GH. I used to think he was a big rat (like a ROUS), but after meeting his father, I’ve categorized Ric back down to standard size. Portrayer Rick Hearst somehow manages to make me feel sorry for his character, even when I know I shouldn’t. But he’s still a rat.
5. E.J. Wells on Days of Our Lives. Yeah, he’s tall, dark and handsome, but a rat is a rat, no matter how fancy, charming and appealing it might sound with a British accent.
6. Jared Banks on One Life to Live. Simply put? “Uncle” hitting on “niece” is just … ewww. I’m not even sure “real” rats are into incest. Just sayin’.
7. Alan Spaulding on Guiding Light. OK, this guy gives AMC‘s Adam serious competition for the crown as “top rat.” Really, though, Alan reminds me more of a cockroach. You think he’s taken care of, and then you turn on the lights to the kitchen one night and there he is eating your crumbs. But since there is no year of the cockroach, welcome to the rat pack, Alan.
There you have it. Some of the top rats in daytime. (Yeah, I know, they’re all men. What can I say?)
Who would you add?

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