I am finally starting to emerge from my Daytime-Emmy-induced stupor, and something hit me.
I miss the televised Soap Opera Digest awards.
Anyone else feeling the void about now?
I used to love seeing all the soap stars dressed to the nines and actually enjoying themselves because a) every soap had a chance in Hades to get something and b) the categories were so much fun.
Remember best villain and villainess? Or best comeback? Or best supercouple (see clip below of my all-time faves Jack and Jennifer from Days of Our Lives.)

It was like the MTV or Kids’ Choice or (insert some other fun-loving, viewer-selected) awards just for soaps.
Why don’t we have that anymore?
Yeah, I know. Probably something about budgets and declining viewership. Blah, blah, blah.
But why do soaps seem to be the only genre affected by a cutback in awards events? As far as I can tell, the number of these “self-congratulatory” shows mushrooms every year, so, really, what’s one more?
And as for the argument that the SOD awards are simply a popularity contest … well, duh. But at least they didn’t pretend to be otherwise.
With all the drama and disappointment that seems to surround the Daytime Emmys nowadays, I could use something that is nothing more than fun … for both the stars and the fans.

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