Sometimes its seems like there’s a lot of complaining in the world of soaps, especially online. I’m as guilty as anyone, so I thought it would be good at Christmas-time to talk about what I’m enjoying on my favorite daytime dramas.
OK, here it goes …
Jason and Elizabeth on General Hospital.
Lucas found a backbone on Days of Our Lives.
Little kids doing the darnedest things. (Did you see Summer dipping her fingers in Phyllis’ eggnog on The Young and the Restless? Too cute.)
All My Children‘s Aidan finally discovering a true-love match in Greenlee.
Greenlee and Zach realizing they may have been wrong about each other.
John and Natalie reconnecting on One Life to Live.
Steve Burton‘s haircut.
Steve Burton.
Langston on OLTL. Portrayer Brittany Underwood is something else.
Y&R‘s Melody Thomas Scott allowing her alter-ego, Nikki, to look pretty darn ragged while she grappled with daughter Victoria’s coma.
The vets on Days are part of major storylines.
Steve and Kayla and Bo and Hope on Days. They prove that true love can win out, and isn’t that what soaps are all about?
GH‘s Spinelli.
Guiding Light‘s Kim Zimmer and the return of the complicated, fabulously interesting Edmund, played by David Andrew Macdonald.
Terri Columbino‘s Katie on As the World Turns (no matter who she’s paired with).
And finally …
GH‘s Sonny found someone his own age.
So there you have it. Some of the things I’m appreciating on soaps.
It’s kinda nice to focus on the positive, dontcha think?
Um, Santa? Can you take me off the naughty list now?

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